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Hair loss is one problem that can affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person. In recent years, number of people suffering from this problem has increased. The problem is consequential to poor lifestyle, genes, medication, unhealthy eating habits and stress. If you are suffering from hair loss and looking for non-surgical hair replacement treatment then you are at the right place.
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Hyderabad

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement in Hyderabad is the best treatment for treating baldness. Here are some of the non-surgical hair replacement treatment options:
  • Hair weaving
  • Designer Wigs
  • Hair Extension
  • Hair Silicon Bonding
  • Chemotherapy Wigs
  • Hair Extensions for Women


The entire procedure for non-surgical hair replacement treatment takes around two to three hours. Do you remember how great it felt to run your fingers through your hair? However, because of hair loss, you no longer are able to enjoy this feel. You can now welcome back this feeling by simply undergoing non-surgical hair replacement treatment. it is significantly less expensive and relatively a quick procedure than surgical option. The hair transplamnt surgeons working with us provide high-quality and non-surgical hair replacement treatment so that you can revive your old looks or feels better as you were before hair loss or baldness. The results are natural hair. You can easily wash and brush your hair, style them as you always dreamed.

How It Works ?

The answer to achieve this natural hairline is Naturo Tech procedure, a combination of both Nature and Technology. The hair transplant surgeon thoroughly examines the patient recommending the best available treatment options. The thinning area would be closely examined with a digital microscope for determining where hair has to be added for the density and volume you desire. Natural hair would be added selectively in the exact direction and angle of your hair growth into a virtually unnoticeable matrix designed to match the thinning and balding areas of your scalp. Then the customized matrix is integrated into your current hair.

Let your hairstyle speak volume about your personality!

Whether you crave for thick flowing curls, natural hairstyle, something crazy, an elegant undo or the famous footballer spikes, NatureTech procedure restores hair in that particular style discreetly and quickly. The replacement system for treating baldness non-surgically matches real human hair with the patient's own hair for creating a stylish design that feels and looks like the real stuff because it is!

The entire team of cosmetologists and stylists work with the patient so the one can achieve the style and look that best suit the personal style. Restore your hair growth to its former appearance or you can experiment with new style for enhancing look.

How would your new hair look like?

We, at Cosmecto, understand your concern when it comes to non-surgical hair restoration treatment. Our associated cosmetic surgeons make sure that you get the looks that are best for you and in accordance with your current personality. The cosmetologists take into consideration your hair texture, face structure and facial features before starting with the treatment. There is no doubt that non-surgical hair replacement treatment needs skills, artistry and expertise to achieve the best results. You can get completely new look that is natural too. Your new hair would perfectly blend with your existing hair that you will not be able to identify the difference.

Hair transplant surgeons working with us offer the entire treatment at affordable cost. You can be assured of the results without having to worry about the cost. The entire treatment would be designed and planned as per your choice and individual needs. They make sure that non-surgical hair follicle replication is done carefully and results are excellent.

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