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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Hair Fixing Is Expensive?

Hair fixing price is not the same for everyone it varies, because the requirement of every person is not the same. Hair fixing price fully depends upon the quality of hair, affected area and other demands relevant to hairs. Hair fixing is affordable compared to other surgical treatments and the best way to get hairs back.

Does It Impact Negative on Skin or Scalp?

Hair fixing process is non-surgical that is why there is nothing to afraid about, it will not cause any damage or not harm to your skin or scalp. This treatment has zero side effects and it will not leave any scars also. One can go comfortably without any tension of side effects or scars.

Does Hair Fixing Treatment Require Multiple Visits?

Hair fixing is the most popular and admired treatment due to its less time-consuming character. We know how frustrating it is to spend huge time and visit hair studio or doctor, again and again, to get head full hair. But don’t worry hair fixing is very simple process it will not take your much time it can be done in a single visit.

Who Can Perform This?

Hair fixing is performed and executed by specialized doctors or certified professional hair experts after studying condition and considering patients prerequisites.

Does Hair Fixing Disturb My Life Style?

With hair fixing treatment one is not needed to comprise with his or her lifestyle. Once the procedure is completed one can continue his or her daily activities. This treatment will not at all bother your day or night activities.

Why It Is Best Compared To Surgical Hair Treatment?

Hair fixing is excellent compared to surgical hair treatments because this method is non-surgical, take less time, easy to keep up, offer desired results, no side effects, no need to take any medicines, undetectable, give immediate results, packet friendly, etc.

Can Females Go For This Treatment?

Yes, this treatment is available for both men and women. Females who are struggling with hair loss can go for hair fixing treatment after consulting hair specialist doctor or professional because they can guide you and provide you best results.

Will hair extensions damage natural hairs?

Don't worry applying hair extensions will not cause any damage to your own hairs, but it requires proper care, we suggest a day to day care along with weekly care. We additionally suggest that you altogether investigate your hair attachments each five to seven weeks, both so as to empower you to make the most of your long hair as far as might be feasible, yet in addition to keeping away from tangled attachments and pointless wear on both the extensions and your common hair.

How much hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies based on the type and the quality you pick. It might be a smart thought to be careful about what quality to pick while buying hair extensions. Luxury hairs are expensive, but if you realize that you will utilize extensions over and over, that hair can be reused. Luxury hair quality is better, which implies that it will last more. If you pick original hair, you'll get a progressively reasonable cost point with a somewhat shorter life expectancy than Luxury hair.

How durable hair extensions are?

It depends upon hair extensions type and how you take care of it, tape in hair extensions are usually last up to six to eight weeks, if we talk about glue in hair extensions they last up to four to eight weeks and when it comes to protein bonded extensions they last minimum six to eight weeks. The only type of extension that last long are clip-in extensions, after all, you are not wearing them each and every day.

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